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Incom ist die Kommunikations-Plattform der Muthesius Kunsthochschule mehr erfahren

VOLITO RoomService+Maintenance


Volito is a modern cleaning-system for the implementation of the cleaning- and maintenance-processes in large buildings. The application optimizes workflows, relieves the user and saves recsources. The system integrates neutral into the surrounding by the aestheticization of the used equipment.
According to the requirement and the way of room-usage, the modular construction makes the cleaning-units freely combinable. A high degree of automation ranging up to self-sufficent locomotion minimizes work-steps. A user-frindly interface delievers work-instructions by an own symbolism and serves to the internal communication.
The name VOLITO is a combination of the latin terms „volume“ for circulation and „purgito“ for clean.

I got my isnpiration from the grievances in the pratical field of room service and maintenance. My mother is a leading housekeeper in a big senior residence, we often talk about her daily routine at work and the problems her employees have to fight with every day. When I visited some hotels and hospitals, i noticed that there is a number of problems in the maintenace and cleaning-process of large buildings. Planning, procedure, work-equipment and occupational safety seem to be antiquated and not contemporary anymore.




Professor Detlef Rhein


WiSe 09 / 10 – SoSe 10