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Veloroute H20 - Cycling Above the Water

Veloroute H2O is a Kiel-specific sustainable mobility solution. Connecting Kiel's East and West side by expanding the existing Veloroute network over Kiel's Förde.

WHAT_ Veloroute H2O is an electric & autonomous ferry that transports bikers and commuters across the Förde. The VeloCat and VeloGuardian are powered by renewable energy harvested by wind and tide turbines installed along the Kiellinie.

WHY_ Bicycles are a sustainable form of mobility that proved to be one of the safest options during a pandemic; however, a bike can only take you as far as the infrastructure goes.

HOW_ Veloroute H2O provides an infrastructure that crosses Kiel's Förde on a consistent and reliable schedule. Residents can then cut down on their carbon footprint and celebrate the Förde on their daily commutes.

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Master Studio: "Nachhaltige Mobilitätstransformation"


Wintersemester 2020 / 2021