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MED.IS is a specialized imaging concept for trans nasal tumor removal surgeries which
enables surgeons to navigate the brain more precise by displaying its structure in relation to the tool on a 3D-Display located around the patients head.
A tumor removal surgery is usually a well planned operation. Countless image based diagnosises and analysis processes have lead up to the actual surgery. This big data can now help to plan the surgery movements in advance as well as guide the surgeon during the surgery process.
The key thesis of this project is the improvement of the surgery process as well as an increased accuracy through a new kind of display and interface is.


Inspirational Research & Technology

Inspirational Technologies

Problem Orientation

The Attention - Workflow Gap

Why do surgeons look away from the center of action during minimal invasive brain surgeries?

Project Definition / Conception



"Hands-On" Research - Workflow

Redefining the Idea

Mockup 1


Mockup 2

CAD Modelling

"Final" Draft


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Studienarbeit im Masterstudium


Prof. Detlef Rhein Dipl. Des. Burkhard Peters


Wintersemester 2014 / 2015